Robert Hinde

I swing a hammer, play with fire, and bend metal. I have been working with metal in various trades for the past twenty years. From precision machining, structural assembly, general welding, automotive maintenance, metal repair, and ornamental iron work.  
    Through my life art has always been a passion so naturally it made its way into the workplace. Of all the mediums I have worked with I enjoy metals the most. They can be unforgiving, painful, and downright difficult  but in the end to me they are the most rewarding.
    My personal mission is to use my skills, experience, and perspective to provide functional and unique architectural metalwork in as many places as possible. Every client I work with I strive to create a design that fits their exact needs, and reflects their personal styles. Weather it is a custom sculpture for a new table, or 600 feet of interior and exterior metal railing. Everything is made by my hands for you.


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